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Only within the United Kingdom more than 1,5 million patients could profit by this invention and the therapeutic result. 

The basic principle of this therapeutic method is called ‚Add-on therapy ‘, which means that the patient wears the lenses permanently - in addition to regular MD or Cataract disease treatment.  


The ‚UVA-,UVB-,UVC- and HEV Blocking Contact Lenses’s mechanism works through absorbing the visual spectrum of UVA-(315-380nm), UVB-(280-315nm), UVC(100-280nm) radiation. 

Unfiltered can this radiation cause a state decomposition and degeneration of retinal cells.

This was proofed lately within mayor medical studies.


Mr. Green’s patented lenses (application number: GB1910820.8, published at ‚The Patents Journal 11 September 2019 No. 6799) can absorb at least 99.7% of this radiation.




Further Information

The patent offer is listed by the Allied Security Trust (AST).

The patent is named

„UV-A, UV-B, UV-C & HEV Blocking Contact Lenses“

and is filed under the UK Application Number: GB1910820.8.

For further information please contact AST.



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